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About Literature / Hobbyist Greg T. WalterMale/United States Group :iconwod-gamers: WoD-Gamers
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Wonder if I should really ask for payment when it comes to my commissions...nah, I get to better my art style with every order, and do so in the process of making something for a friend. THAT is far more valuable then cash or credit...still, a thank you from time to time would be nice...lazy bastards. ;P


Aigus Raccoon by Noben
by Noben

This piece brings a mixture of dynamic body language with dramatic lighting. Anywhere you start, the lines always guide your eyes towar...

Jack of Blades! :omg: It's been years since I played Fable. But to be honest, I think this is more akin to Kingdom Hearts...must be the car...

Gotta say it doesn't matter if it's top notch in artistic talent or skill, just so long as you want a critique is all that matters.


Critiques are not grades, they are soley the opinion or opinions of those who want to speak their minds. Those who try to capsulate the sheer emotion of an art piece (or lack thereof) with numbers, stars, or whatever crap they throw in to make their work look more important then the next guys, are not only fools, but suffer a short coming in this simple mindedness...that, and/or are assholes. :meow:

Random Favourites

Honor those who inspire, for when they do, they give a legacy to those who charish such inspiration, handing it down from writer to writer, poet to poet, and so on.


So, been a long while since I wrote a journal entry. Had a lot of things happen while I was out. Dropped out of college because of depression, money, and a contempt for the pretentiousness of various colleagues. Got a job at Giant, only to get laid off a week later because I "looked tired" and "didn't seem enthused". On the bright side, I've been playing a lot of PbP with friends over on the website I moderate:…

I hope to start making visual art again soon. Also hope everyone doing alright, and wish them all good vibes.

I published a book! It's called the Seven Ordeals:…

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Greg T. Walter
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Well what is there to say about me...I'm a writer, my biggest book had 783 pages in it alone, I've also been told I'm good with a pencil, though I want to get into oil painting.
I'm a little absent minded to everything outside my head (pun not intended) I like to think philosophically or politically correct myself, to a state of doing too much of it. I sometimes even tend to act insane around people in the hopes of making them laugh or like me, but usually that back fires, still, "I" have fun doing it. ;)
My dream is to create an epic master piece, and when I do, I hope to write books that follow up the world I made from that book, till I'm remembered for inspiring others with the desire to create what ever they do best...yeah.
Now for the mud of myself. I have what is called aspergers syndrome. I also can't help but admit that I'm into anthropomorphic animals, some people call them furries, but I usually call them just anthros. As to how I got an account on deviant, I made it so I could cheer a certain someone on, in fear he might give up in his series of works which I feel no shame in admitting to be great and worth looking at, who knows, I might even help him create more depth to that same crater of powerful impact he's made.
Finally, my avatar name was something I came up with a while back, it's a mix of paradox and duo, for I am me, but my persona on this site is also me, thus is it a paradox about two things, see?
My last words are on why I haven't put up anything...well, this site tends to have illustrations that get pirated onto other sites, and I have a paranoid worry that something I put hard hours of effort into will get stolen like one of my accounts was. But even so, here's to a life of inspiration for all that look for it.

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